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A Data Standard for Public Participation in Scientific Research (Citizen Science)

PPSR Core is a set of global, transdisciplinary data and metadata standards for use in  Public Participation in Scientific Research (Citizen Science) projects. These standards are united, supported, and underlined by a common framework illustrating how information is structured within the citizen science domain. This allows data to be used across platforms and projects in a consistent manner, furthering the research goals of the scientific community.


Ties all elements of the standard together into one data model


Describes the purpose for the research, who is coordinating it, and other contextual information about the project

Data Set

Describes how observations are collected, how that data may be used, and other information on the data as a whole.


Describes the structure of individual observations including: location, date, observer, and attributes specific to the research.


PPSR Core is maintained by the Citizen Science Association working group for Data & Metadata. Our international organization represents over 2K different citizen science projects with over 1M volunteers. We welcome a diverse group of individuals & organizations! To help contribute to our standard, please read this guide.