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Common Data Model

Common Data Model (CDM) is a data model that glues Projects, Datasets, and Observations together. It allows for projects to be aggregated into a higher level concept of a program or campaign, providing context for groups of projects which are being conducted within a common organizing framework. As a central object, it is required for complete implementation of this standard.


This is the extent of the common schema. Additional attributes required in the programOrCampaign entity for any given implementation should be considered as extensions to this schema.

Entity relationship diagram

This graphically describes the relationships between the primary class entities in the overall model.

[current approved version: 2020.0]

Docusaurus with Keytar;

Core Attributes

This is a tabular representation of the CDM attributes and their definitions.

[current approved version: 2020.0]

EntityAttribute NameDescriptionData TypeObligationMultiplicitySynonym term in other standards
programOrCampaign An overarching context for a set of related projects. Projects may be related in the context of a common funding source, a common thematic or conceptual framework, or other such context. Note that projects do not need to be created in the context of a programOrCampaign, but that a programOrCampaign can be a container for 1:many projects. Entity equates to OWL 2.0 Class object. Optional0:1
programOrCampaignprogramIdThe identifier of the initiative (e.g., overarching research program or funding initiative) encompassing the project",textMandatory1:1
programOrCampaignprogramNameThe initiative (e.g., overarching research program) encompassing the project (e.g., Horizon 2020)textMandatory1:1
programOrCampaignprogramDescriptionGeneral description/summary of the Research Program or funding initiative.textOptional0:1
programOrCampaignlanguageThe encoding language used for the project. Uses Unicode Standard UTF-8 (ISO/IEC 10646:2014 plus Amendment 1).vocabulary Mandatory1:1dcterms:language
project A project is an overarching context for a set of associated activities which contribute to a specific objective. Entity equates to OWL 2.0 Class object.
Refer to the PMM Model for details of the project metadata schema.
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