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The Team

PPSR Core is maintained by an international group of volunteers including members of the Citizen Science Association and it's sister organizations. The project itself is administrated by the Citizen Science Association's Data & Metadata Working Group.

Thank you to ALL our contributors, including the many who are not listed below!

Active PPSR Core Group Members (alphabetically)

Anne Bowser, The Wilson Center

Brandon Budnicki, Colorado State University,, Budnicki Consulting

Charmel Menzel, Esri

Chrysi Tsinaraki, European Commission's Joint Research Centre

Greg Newman, Colorado State University,

Jessie Oliver, Australian Citizen Science Association

Lucy Bastin, Aston University, UK

Mieke Sterken, KULeuven, Belgium

Peter Brenton, Atlas of Living Australia

Sven Schade, European Commission's Joint Research Centre

Xeni Kechagioglou, LifeWatch ERIC

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