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Project Vocabulary

[current approved version: 2020.0]

The Vocabulary for Project defines enumerations for attributes above. These are controlled lists of defined terms. These terms may be used either as provided in full or as a reduced subset relevant to the purpose for which they are being used. They should not be modified or augmented with additional terms as this would prevent shareability and effective aggregation.


The vocabulary is part of the published standard. Be warned that this vocabulary is subject to larger changes than the core terms & attributes. Reaching consensus with the larger scientific community is important to us. If you are interested in help with this work, please see the contribute page.

EntityAttribute NameVocabulary termsComments
projecthasTagFees applicable
Suitable for children
Teaching materials available
Participate from home
Check with SciStarter for full listing of tags that they use. Need to ensure that the list is comprehensive and terms are mutually exclusive.
projectprojectStatusNot yet started
Periodically active
On hold
projectprojectScienceTypeAgricultural And Veterinary Sciences - Agriculture, Land And Farm Management
Agricultural And Veterinary Sciences - Animal Production
Agricultural And Veterinary Sciences - Crop And Pasture Production
Agricultural And Veterinary Sciences - Fisheries Sciences
Agricultural And Veterinary Sciences - Forestry Sciences
Agricultural And Veterinary Sciences - Horticultural Production
Art Theory And Criticism
Biological Sciences - Biodiversity
Biological Sciences - Ecology
Biological Sciences - Evolutionary Biology
Biological Sciences - Genetics
Biological Sciences - Microbiology
Biological Sciences - Other Biological Sciences
Biological Sciences - Physiology
Biological Sciences - Plant Biology
Biological Sciences - Zoology
Chemical Sciences - Analytical Chemistry
Chemical Sciences - Inorganic Chemistry
Chemical Sciences - Macromolecular And Materials Chemistry
Chemical Sciences - Medicinal And Biomolecular Chemistry
Chemical Sciences - Organic Chemistry
Chemical Sciences - Physical Chemistry
Chemical Sciences - Theoretical And Computational Chemistry
Earth Sciences - Atmospheric Sciences
Earth Sciences - Geochemistry
Earth Sciences - Geology
Earth Sciences - Geophysics
Earth Sciences - Hydrological Sciences
Earth Sciences - Oceanography
Earth Sciences - Physical Geography And Environmental Geoscience
Engineering - Aerospace Engineering
Engineering - Automotive Engineering
Engineering - Biomedical Engineering
Engineering - Chemical Engineering
Engineering - Civil Engineering
Engineering - Electrical And Electronic Engineering
Engineering - Environmental Engineering
Engineering - Food Sciences
Engineering - Manufacturing Engineering
Engineering - Maritime Engineering
Engineering - Materials Engineering
Engineering - Mechanical Engineering
Engineering - Other Engineering
Engineering - Resources Engineering And Extractive Metallurgy
Environmental Sciences - Ecological Applications
Environmental Sciences - Environmental Science And Management
Environmental Sciences - Soil Sciences
Information And Computing Sciences - Artificial Intelligence And Image Processing
Information And Computing Sciences - Computation Theory And Mathematics
Information And Computing Sciences - Computer Software
Information And Computing Sciences - Distributed Computing
Information And Computing Sciences - Information Systems
Information And Computing Sciences - Library And Information Studies
Language, Communication And Culture - Communication And Media Studies
Language, Communication And Culture - Cultural Studies
Language, Communication And Culture - Language Studies
Language, Communication And Culture - Linguistics
Language, Communication And Culture - Literary Studies
Law And Legal Studies
Mathematical Sciences - Mathematical Physics
Mathematical Sciences - Numerical And Computational Mathematics
Mathematical Sciences - Other Mathematical Sciences
Medical And Health Sciences - Cardiorespiratory Medicine And Haematology
Medical And Health Sciences - Clinical Sciences
Medical And Health Sciences - Complementary And Alternative Medicine
Medical And Health Sciences - Dentistry
Medical And Health Sciences - Human Movement And Sports Science
Medical And Health Sciences - Immunology
Medical And Health Sciences - Medical Biochemistry And Metabolomics
Medical And Health Sciences - Medical Microbiology
Medical And Health Sciences - Medical Physiology
Medical And Health Sciences - Neurosciences
Medical And Health Sciences - Nursing
Medical And Health Sciences - Nutrition And Dietetics
Medical And Health Sciences - Oncology And Carcinogenesis
Medical And Health Sciences - Optometry And Ophthalmology
Medical And Health Sciences - Paediatrics And Reproductive Medicine
Medical And Health Sciences - Pharmacology And Pharmaceutical Sciences
Medical And Health Sciences - Public Health And Health Services
Philosophy And Religious Studies - Applied Ethics
Philosophy And Religious Studies - History And Philosophy Of Specific Fields
Philosophy And Religious Studies - Philosophy
Philosophy And Religious Studies - Religion And Religious Traditions
Physical Sciences - Astronomical And Space Sciences
Physical Sciences - Atomic, Molecular, Nuclear, Particle And Plasma Physics
Physical Sciences - Classical Physics
Physical Sciences - Condensed Matter Physics
Physical Sciences - Optical Physics
Physical Sciences - Other Physical Sciences
Physical Sciences - Quantum Physics
Psychology And Cognitive Sciences - Cognitive Science
Psychology And Cognitive Sciences - Psychology
Studies In Human Society - Anthropology
Studies In Human Society - Criminology
Studies In Human Society - Demography
Studies In Human Society - Human Geography
Studies In Human Society - Other Studies In Human Society
Studies In Human Society - Policy And Administration
Studies In Human Society - Political Science
Studies In Human Society - Social Work
Studies In Human Society - Sociology
Technology - Agricultural Biotechnology
Technology - Communications Technologies
Technology - Computer Hardware
Technology - Environmental Biotechnology
Technology - Industrial Biotechnology
Technology - Medical Biotechnology
Technology - Nanotechnology
Technology - Other Technology
projectunRegionsAfrica - Northern Africa (015)
Africa - Sub-Saharan Africa (202)
Americas – South America (005)
Americas – North America (003)
Asia - Central Asia 143)
Asia - Eastern Asia (030)
Asia - South-eastern Asia (035)
Asia - Southern Asia (034)
Asia - Western Asia (145)
Europe - Eastern Europe (151)
Europe - Northern Europe (154)
Europe - Southern Europe (039)
Europe - Western Europe (155)
Oceania - Australia and New Zealand (053)
Oceania - Melanesia (054)
Oceania - Micronesia (057)
Oceania - Polynesia (061)
World (001)
Audio or video recording
Classification or tagging
DIY hacking/making
Data analysis
Data entry
Download software for distributed computing
Finding entities
Problem solving
Sample analysis
Site selection and/or description
Specimen/sample collection
Åland Islands
American Samoa
Antigua and Barbuda
Bahamas (the)
Bolivia (Plurinational State of)
Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba
Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bouvet Island
British Indian Ocean Territory (the)
Brunei Darussalam
"Burkina Faso",
"Cabo Verde",
"Cayman Islands (the)",
"Central African Republic (the)",
"Christmas Island",
"Cocos (Keeling) Islands (the)",
"Comoros (the)",
"Congo (the Democratic Republic of the)",
"Congo (the)",
"Cook Islands (the)",
"Costa Rica",
"Côte d'Ivoire",
"Dominican Republic (the)",
"El Salvador",
"Equatorial Guinea",
"Falkland Islands (the) [Malvinas]",
"Faroe Islands (the)",
"French Guiana",
"French Polynesia",
"French Southern Territories (the)",
"Gambia (the)",
"Heard Island and McDonald Islands",
"Holy See (the)",
"Hong Kong",
"Iran (Islamic Republic of)",
"Isle of Man",
"Korea (the Democratic People's Republic of)",
"Korea (the Republic of)",
"Lao People's Democratic Republic (the)",
"Marshall Islands (the)",
"Micronesia (Federated States of)",
"Moldova (the Republic of)",
"Netherlands (the)",
"New Caledonia",
"New Zealand",
"Niger (the)",
"Norfolk Island",
"North Macedonia",
"Northern Mariana Islands (the)",
"Palestine, State of",
"Papua New Guinea",
"Philippines (the)",
"Puerto Rico",
"Russian Federation (the)",
"Saint Barthélemy",
"Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha",
"Saint Kitts and Nevis",
"Saint Lucia",
"Saint Martin (French part)",
"Saint Pierre and Miquelon",
"Saint Vincent and the Grenadines",
"San Marino",
"Sao Tome and Principe",
"Saudi Arabia",
"Sierra Leone",
"Sint Maarten (Dutch part)",
"Solomon Islands",
"South Africa",
"South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands",
"South Sudan",
"Sri Lanka",
"Sudan (the)",
"Svalbard and Jan Mayen",
"Syrian Arab Republic (the)",
"Taiwan (Province of China)",
"Tanzania, the United Republic of",
"Trinidad and Tobago",
"Turks and Caicos Islands (the)",
"United Arab Emirates (the)",
"United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (the)",
"United States Minor Outlying Islands (the)",
"United States of America (the)",
"Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)",
"Viet Nam",
"Virgin Islands (British)",
"Virgin Islands (U.S.)",
"Wallis and Futuna",
"Western Sahara*",
ProjectprojectResearchType These need to be determined and agreed
Physical address
contactPointcontactPointType These types need to be determined and agreed
projectParticipantsprojectParticipantAgeElementary school (6-10)
Middle school (11-13)
Youth/teen (up to 17)
General public
Targeted group
Check whether these categories are appropriate and comprehensive enough.
projectAssociatedPartyprojectUsFederalSponsorDepartment of Interior
Department of Commerce
Department of Health and Human Services
Central Intelligence Agency
Department of Defense
Department of Education
Department of Energy
Department of Homeland Security
Department of Housing and Urban Development
Department of Justice
Department of State
Department of Transportation
Department of Veterans Affairs
Department of Labor
Federal Communications Commission
General Services Administration
Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency
National Aeronautics and Space Administration
National Archives and Records Administration
National Endowment for the Arts
National Science Foundation
White House
Office of Personnel Management
Peace Corps
Smithsonian Institution
Environmental Protection Agency
US Department of Agriculture
What is the best way to handle categorical lists like this where organisations change names quite frequently?
projectFundingSourceTypefundingSourceTypeSubsetAPublic - national
Public - state
Public - local
Public - in-kind
Private - in-kind
Private - industry/corporate
Private - philanthropic
Private - bequeath/other
Private - NGO
This is a fairly generic list and, provided it is comprehensive and representative enough, could serve that purpose for all.
projectFundingSourceTypefundingSourceTypeSubsetBNSF Grants
Direct Funding from a Federal Agency
Direct Funding from the Federal Government
Private Partnerships
Museum Partnerships
University Partnerships
Grants from Foundations
Grants from non-NSF Federal Agencies
This is a very specific national list needed for categorical filtering of information. There may be a need for other similare such lists which the model could support by adding as SubsetC, subset D, etc.
projectMediaprojectMediaTypeImage file
Image URL
Audio file
Audio URL
Video file
Video URL
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